Seeds From The Streets


The Seeds from the Streets program brings communities together to tackle some of the ongoing threats associated with grasslands of the Victorian Volcanic Plains. The program is designed to be run by the community, where friends’  groups/community groups use nature strips, school grounds, or other publically accessible spaces to grow herbaceous grassland species for harvesting seed.

Through this program the nature strips will be converted into Seed Production Areas (SPA) in which, monocultures or mixed species crops are grown. The seed that is harvested from these crops will be used for restoration purposes in nominated local grassland remnants.

The Seeds from the Streets program allocates participants (residents) to one of three models that allow for a variety of circumstances and skills. For each model, a relevant worksheet guides the participant and/ or coordinator through the steps selecting species, SPA preparation method, plant spacing and maintenance requirements. In some cases, to support the ‘ low input model’  community groups may need to form ‘working bees’ or ‘blitz  groups’ to implement the SPA preparation and planning activities. Once the SPA are set up, they are maintained by residents; duties include watering, weeding and pruning. After the plants flower and seeds are set, the seed is harvested by the resident or with assistance from the Seeds from the Streets group. The coordinator of the Seeds from the Streets project then organizes seed storage and seed preparation for use in the pre-nominated revegetation program.

To learn more about the Seeds from the Streets program download the manual here:  Seeds from the Streets Manual

Nature Strip 1

Lemon Beauty Head seedlings