Pimelea Wildflower Reserve

This reserve is a remnant of natural temperate grassland located opposite Pimelea Terrace.  It’s triangle shape is surrounded by housing on two sides and bordered on the third by a Council managed conservation corridor alongside Jones Creek. Portions of the reserve are burnt each year to keep the grasslands healthy and allow spaces for wildflowers to germinate and grow. The ecological burning is undertaken by DSE Fire Operations.

The iconic species found within this site is the Spiny rice-flower, Pimelea Spinescens spp spinescens, which is listed critically endangered under the Australian Government EPBC Act, and listed as threatened under the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988.

The spiny rice-flower is a long-lived (30 to 50 years and possibly up to 100 years) grassland sub-shrub growing 5 to 30 cm in height. Plants have small cream flowers which appear from April to August.  The plants have a very large tap root (more than 1.5 metres deep).  It is pollinated by insects although the specific pollinator is unknown.

The spiny rice-flower only grows in Victoria.

Pimelea Vegetation Types and Management Zone Map

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