Marsupial Masterpieces

Since 2007 the Friends of Iramoo led by Rick van Keulen have been experimenting using tin sheeting to solarise areas of grassland infested with Serrated Tussock and Chilean Needle Grass, to create large scale in situ seed orchards.IMG_8349

The Marsupial Masterpieces project is now bringing ephemeral art into the fold.

The project involves designing and cutting out giant animals shapes out of tin. The animal shapes are designed by local artists and are based on endangered animals of the Victoria Volcanic Plains.

The tin animals will be cut out and laid to smother and bake the grassy weeds.

Following two summers, the tin animals are lifted in spring and then the soil direct seeded and/or planted with grasses and wildflowers.

The tin animals then be moved to a new location within the grassland.

In this decades long project, aerial photography will show the shapes of animals hopping through the grassland leaving wildflowers in their wake.

Our first animal project – The giant Eastern Barred Bandicoot was started in 2013. The tin was sustainably sourced from the Albion Eco-Living Center roof replacement. Fact Sheet highlighting the project can be found below. Stage 3 of the project (the second jump and planting is planned for Spring 2017).  Follow our Facebook page for all events.

Click here for Drone footage of Marsupial Masterpiece in 2016

Download Fact Sheets:
Marsupial Masterpieces Concept                     Marsupial Masterpieces Stage 1

Marsupial Masterpieces Stage 2


The Serrated Tussock Field


The Design


Cutting out the Bandicoot shape 2013

Sky High Bandicoot

Bandicoot after a ecological burn taken 2016 


Rolling up the tin to make first jump 2015



Busy planters staying in their lines September 2015


The 2015 Planting team


The First Jump Visible from the Air (source Nearmaps Feb 2016)


Hand weeding the Bandicoot 2016


If you would like to know more about the project contact us at or via our Facebook page @FriendsofIramoo

Project Team Rick van Keulen, Helen Rzesniowiecki, Megan O’Shea, Robert Jackson, Catherine van Wilgenburg & Amanda Dodd



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