Iramoo Wildflower Grassland Reserve

The Iramoo Wildflower Grassland Reserve is located on Playhouse Avenue, Carinlea. The main access point to the grassland is on the Victoria University/Jones Creek side. The reserve is securely fenced so access must be arranged.

The site is Crown Land and is under a Committee of Management arrangement with the newly appointed Carinlea Conservation Reserves Committee of Management.

This is a Themeda dominated grassland home to a large population of Striped Legless Lizards (Delma impar).

Peek over the fence and you will see a terrible weed dominating large sections of this grassland – Serrated Tussock. The weed control works are constrained because although introduced Serrated Tussock does provide habitat for the Striped Legless Lizard.

The Friends of Iramoo are working to shift the balance away from Serrated Tussock back to a Kangaroo Grass Themeda triandra dominated system. Works are progressing focusing on improving and expanding the best areas.

The Friends of Iramoo are working towards a vision of a reserve with a healthy stable population of the Striped Legless Lizard without high threat grassy weeds. We believe that with support of the community and funding bodies we can achieve this by 2040.

Iramoo Vegetation Types and Management Zones Map

Iramoo Wildflower Grassland Reserve


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