Featherheads Wildflower Grassland

Located at Warin Road Cairnlea this 4 hectare grassland is a stunner.

The Featherheads Grassland is a beautiful example of natural temperate grassland. Its is a square shaped reserve  surrounded by housing on all sides. The reserve is connected to the Kororoit Creek though a ‘fauna tunnel’ which occurs under Warrin Road.

The iconic grassland wildflower Featherheads Ptilotus macrocephalus (also known as Tall Mulla Mulla) occurs on this reserve.  It is a perennial herb growing up to 50 centimetres high. Featherheads have white large feathery (fluffy) flower heads on tall stalks, and flower in spring.  Seeds are dispersed when the fluffy seed heads detach from the plants and blow across the plain.  New growth sprouts from the woody carrot-like rootstock after the first autumn rains.

Managed primarily for its floristic values, sections of this reserve are burnt each year to keep the grasslands healthy and allow spaces for wildflowers to germinate and grow.

Featherheads Vegetation Types and Management Zone Map

Featherheads Grassland Common Everlasting

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